How to Speed up your Laptop?

Most of the people said that their laptop gets slow day by day and it happens with everyone. A slow laptop is one of the most irritating issues in current scenario and in this techy world and also the slow internet is also creating a problem. If you are getting frustrated due to the slow laptop speed, then you are at the right place because here in this article we are going to share some of the simple methods which will help you to speed up and boost your laptop speed.

How to Speed up your Laptop?

How to Speed up your Laptop?

How to Speed up your Laptop?

There are numbers of methods which you can use to speed up your laptop before replacing your laptop. A new laptop doesn’t cross your mind. The old laptop will definitely work if you simply follow the below-given steps. So, let’s start the article to know about how to speed up your laptop.

Clean Your Laptop Up

By cleaning your laptop, we mean that by simply cleaning the files which are in your laptop. For example, like our home is filled up with some waste stuff which we don’t use, like this our laptop is also having some stuff with the useless files which we don’t need anymore. For this, you need to spend some of your quality time so that you can simply delete those useless files. You will find lots of HD images, old videos, audio files and much more which you didn’t open for a long time.

When you do this process, you also adopt a habit to delete useless files from the recycle bin as well so that you didn’t face this situation again.

Don’t Run Programs on Startup

Some of the programs start the moment whenever you switch on your laptop, right? So, what you need to do is, simply disable them. It is because they may slow down your system slowly. When you are using your laptop, simply check the items in your tray. These all things start at the time of startup. What you need to do is, simply go through with them and then simply remove whatever you see is useless. It will clean-up and also it will bring a significant difference in the speed of your laptop and mainly it happen at the time of startup.

Find out which programs are using up a lot of resources

Simply tell us if it is true. Your laptop is working great now. Then you download an app or install it in your laptop and then it gets slowing down.

This happens because the last program which you download in your laptop will quite large and also it may be that it is using some resources. Now, you need to make a right click on the task manager and then simply make a click on the more details option so that you get into the list of programs which was running at the current time. Now, you are required to make a click on any of the programs which shows that how much it is using. If the program is not good or useless, then simply make a click on the delete button. Also, if you need that program, then you need to make sure that work when you use it and also not work all the time in the background task.

Keep Everything Updated in Your Laptop

Your laptop drivers and also your laptop operating system is required to be up to date whenever a new update will come. The older version will definitely slow down your laptop. Also, this same thing happens with the apps as well.

Get Rid of Programs You Are Not Using

As like the data and the files, there are definitely some of the programs which you are not using on a regular basis. So, why they still exist in your laptop? Why you don’t delete them? If you need them after some time, then you can simply download them from the internet but keeping them for a long time without any use is completely useless. So, simply delete them and your laptop will definitely glad to you.

Check the Power options on your Laptop

Generally, the default power plan is “balanced” but when you create your personal and then the optimizing the option will help your laptop to speed up.

For this, you are required to open the control panel of your laptop and then make a click on the option of hardware and sound. In that option, you will see an option of power. Simply click on it and then create a power plan. Also, it will help you to boost the life of your laptop battery.

Run a Disk Clean Up

If your laptop is having some junk files in your laptop and also you don’t have any idea that what to do, how to start then simply make a disk clean up. It will help you to do it easily.

Windows is already having this toll for it and also you will get the option of this tool in the control panel of your laptop under the section of System and Security. Then you are required to make a click on the option of Administrative tools and then simply select the option of disk cleanup.

Additional Tips

  • First, you are required to restart your laptop. If you don’t restart your laptop then it will slow down your laptop.
  • Also, don’t run lots of programs or software at the same time.
  • You need to reinstall the operating system.
  • You also required to remove all the extension of your web browser which you are not using.
  • Also, you need to physically clean your laptop because the dust particles inside your laptop will slow down your laptop.


So, finally above we discuss some of the easy and simple methods which you can follow and which you always need to keep in your mind to speed up and boost your laptop speed. Also, these methods will help you to save from the slow down frustration. If none of these methods is useful for you then you are required to take your laptop to any of the professional and ask them to resolve your problem.

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