Five Creative Ways to generate Quality Backlinks

Link building and SEO is one of the major factors to rank a website and if we combine them together then they are like butter and cheese. They play a major role in terms to boost the Da and Pa of your website and also helps your website to get a high ranking. If you talk about the content then the quality content is the base of the SEO and also the quality backlinks is the backbone of SEO. Lots of people said that backlinking is one of the most hectic work but according to us, it is one of the most interesting work.

The users who think that building link is one of the most hectic work are those people who are not using the smart tricks and methods to do this. The problem with the users is that they are not using the old and best techniques. They are using the techniques as they are. But all the people who belong to the SEO field are required to know that you are not able to stick to the same old techniques, you are required to do some experiments by using the new techniques. This is the only reason which motivates me to write this article for our readers. Today in this article we will tell you seven different-different examples and also the creative and useful link building techniques which will definitely help you to get the best and high-quality backlinks without making as much work.

Five Creative Ways to generate Quality Backlinks

Five Creative Ways to generate Quality Backlinks

Five Creative Ways to generate Quality Backlinks

Here we are sharing the seven selected methods which we get after making long research. We find some of the strategies and methods of successful bloggers and also some of the influencers who will know about how to create high-quality backlinks. Below you will get sever types of techniques which we are going to discuss and also the highly used techniques which were used by everyone. So let’s start about it.

Guest Posting and Article Submissions

I hope that you know very well about guest posting and article submissions because these are the most common and simplest techniques in terms of backlinks. If you won’t get the quality backlink then you must need to have some high Da sites. Mostly every website will provide this service of guest posting and article submission. Some of the websites will charge some amount to provide guest post and some of the website will provide it free of cost. It completely depends upon the webmaster.

Also, you are able to do negotiation by which you will get a do-follow or no-follow backlink with the webmaster or website owner. The basically no-follow and do-follow link will directly affect the traffic of your website. If you get a link with an article and it gets published then it will be like a win-win situation for you.

If you don’t know the difference between do-follow and no-follow link then I will explain to you about it in a very simple and easy manner. The do-follow link helps the users to get the link juice of the backlinking site whereas a no-follow link is only a link by a backlinking site. Both of these depends upon the site credibility and also it helps the users to be on the top SERPs position.

Citation Sites/Local Business Directories

Citation sites are generally known as the local business directories which are also one of the most useful methods to create backlinks. According to a survey conducted by the Bright locals says that the marketers will see a high number of value is coming from the directories which are not providing them link juice but also it simply mention your website name with a no-follow link. If the no-follow link of the local business directories is making a really good impact on the website then think that what impact do-follow link creates on your website.

Google places a really high and great value in the directories of local business. Basically, the main directories of local business is having a simple and common impact on the local ranking signals recognized which was done by the Moz.

Broken Link Building Technique

This is one of the best work done by most of the famous sites. For this, you are required to look for the loopholes link, broken links to a website for which you want to create a backlink. Also, those broken links can be done on an anchor text which was embedded within an article or also it can be a broken page of any of the website. For this, you are required to find out those broken links and then simply offer those help to fix them out.


Lots of people on the internet are looking for instant information and also they don’t want to go through with the long content to read. As you know very well that the infographics are one of the best because it is having a point to point and informative and useful information. Also, they are done by making in-depth research and also the statistical data which you will get the quality backlinks without making some more efforts. For this, what you need to do is, simply make research and then simply gather all the useful information and form an interactive and infographic design.

If you want to do the infographics get shared naturally, then you need to add some of the references of a famous blogger in your niche as well. With the help of this, you will simply authenticate the content and also it will help you to develop it with the help of SEO.

Resources Page Link Building Technique

Resource page link building is only one of the best and also one of the available technique which will help the users to get the best high-quality backlinks for the website.

Resources page are the really easy and simple page of a website which is having a helpful resource of the link for any of the topic. What you need to do for the resource page link building is that simply include the resource list in your website.

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