3 Terrific Tricks to Accelerate Your Android Smartphone’s Performance

As you know very well that the android is becoming one of the most used and also one of the most popular OS device in all over the world. There is a huge number of people are using the Android based smartphones. Android is also consider as one of the best phone in the whole world in terms of operating systems and also it is because it provide a great performance from past many years.

Most of the mobile manufacturers suggest to use the Android because of its operating system because they better know that the Android is in huge demand. Also, when we talk about other users, people prefer to use the Android based smart phone because there are multiples of options are available and also it suits in a huge variety of usage.

How important is Your Phone’s Speed to You?

Android Smartphone’s Performance

Android Smartphone’s Performance

Everyone knows that speed is a basic need in terms of functions of mobile for each and every users. No one want that their phone work slow or lack or hang all the time whenever we use mobile. When we talk about it usage, the performance and also the speed of the mobile really matters. The mobiles which is completely android based makes our lives so simpler because they are having lots of interesting features which was very helpful for all of us.

Also, the use of the android nowadays is not limited to make calls only. By having lots of new and attractive features and mobile application, we are not able to do as much with our android phone. Also, many times, the over use of the features or the over use of android applications is the important factor which directly affects the speed of your smartphone.

Top Tricks to Amplify the Speed of your Android Smartphone

Lightweight Version of the Mobile App

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

In process to boost the Android phones speed, we can simply try to install the lightweight versions of the mobile applications which we are using in our device. If you see that your smartphone is offering restricted storage then it may the reason of the poorly optimized application. If you are using an app having heavy weight version like Facebook along with less memory then then app will become very slow in terms of usage.

Also, it is good for you to install the light version of the same application, Facebook Lite. As it is a small app which will use the small amount of your mobile resources. Also, this app is completely designed to work on 2G connections and also on those mobiles which is having 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM. There are some of the similar light versions are available like YouTube, Twitter and also other applications as well.

Limit the Use of Widgets



As you know very well that widgets is something which must need to be look interesting and unique but if you use over widgets then it will also affect the speed of your android device. Also, the widgets is not as much popular as they were introduced but still we are using the widgets without knowing about it.

Widgets helps the users to decorate their smartphone screen but it takes a lot of resources. Also, it is really good to make a smart choice when we comes to select a widgets. Also you need to add only those widgets which was helpful for you otherwise it is better for you to disable the feature of widgets. If you select your widget properly then you will not face issues.

Pay Attention to Apps and Features

Many times, we forgot to clear the cache memory or also the application which we are using and one of the most common example it that we forget to turn off the radio when we are not using the radio. Also, it is very important for you to switch off the Bluetooth when we are not using it and if it was running without any use.

Also, we suggest you to turn off the location service of your device when you are not using it because some of the applications are keep using the location information doesn’t matter that you are using those applications or not.

We all really love when our smartphone works in a fast manner. Also, if you want to boost your Android phone’s speed then you must need to follow the steps which we discuss above.

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